In a wooded park, with colourful flower and rose beds, you will be seduced for your holidays in Hendaye on the Basque coast in the 4-star Ametza Campsite near the beach, by a wide range of recent lodgings, mobile homes or bungalows with a sea view for some, included terraces, semi-embedded or pearl gray tarpaulin covered terraces depending on the model, located in landscaped natural surroundings, offering the desired comfort.
Choose your accommodation to your liking among our locations and bungalows at Ametza Campsite in Hendaye, in the heart of the Basque Country.
Ametza Campsite offers a variety of locations.
Our O’Hara mobile homes, one of whose priorities is comfort, have, for the most part, colourful siding: anise (freshness), fuchsia (youth), apricot (optimism), topaz (sunlight) and fawn (warmth). Their outside appearance is appealing, the inside cosy, naturally soothing and functional in every detail, the upholstery, in warm tones, enhances the “cocooning” effect.
The Gitotel Samoa and Morea bungalows, with red or blue siding and spacious terraces, offer quality comfort.
Our rentals are placed along lanes with Basque sounding names (Haize-Egoa, bixkiak …).
Camp smart with Coco sweet, with its unusual tunnel-like look; an alternative somewhere between a mobile home and tent, equipped with 2 rooms on each side of a central living space in cosy and fun comfort. There is no toilet block but a kitchenette with a microwave oven, coffee maker and double burner gas camping stove.

Always cosy under the terrace of the awning!
Whether it’s for a family vacation or a romantic getaway, book your holiday now at Ametza Campsite in Hendaye. You will enjoy the charm of this seaside resort in the Basque Country, known for having the most beautiful sandy beach on the Aquitaine Coast.