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Eco and you?

Ecology at Camping Ametza in the Basque Country

Ecology at Ametza Camping in the French Basque Country« L’écologie est la science qui a pour objet la relation des êtres vivants (animaux et végétaux) avec leur environnement ainsi qu’avec les autres êtres vivants. » “Ecology is the science which studies the relationship between living beings (animals and plants) with their environment and with other living beings.” Ametza Campsite**** in the Basque Country, campsite with heated pool, near the beach in the Basque Country is following an eco-citizen approach, LED bulb use, rainwater collection, special care in the choice of flowers , shrubs and trees. It offers its customers O’Hara mobile homes, a responsible manufacturer whose main value is the protection of the environment, the only manufacturer of mobile homes certified “ISO 14001” since 2005 (95% recyclable).The Eco-citizen sorts his waste, saves energy, and protects nature.

ecology campsite Ametza Basque Country

Ecological Charter
and us

ecology camping basque country

Ametza Campsite’s Ecological charter

  • You will comply with waste sorting at the entrance of the Campsite, by reading the instructions on the containers (cartons, glass, plastic, paper). 1 T-shirt = 6 recycled bottles | 1 bicycle = 250 recycled cans
  • You will go to the dump in Hendaye (address can be found by the containers) for your bulky waste, chemicals, batteries, light bulbs. Take the bus, the train.
  • You will be careful with noise (music, cars, scooters, motorcycles).
  • You will limit the barking of your dog (dog excrement outside the campsite).
  • You will put out your butts in the ashtrays installed throughout the campsite.
  • You will use water sparingly. You will report water leaks to us, and you will close the taps left open.
  • You will respect the speed limit in the campsite.
  • You will respect green spaces, flowers and bushes (do not pick or step on them).
  • “Live simply, simply so that others may live”
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