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Information about Pamplona

Pamplona , Iruña , is the capital of Navarre, crossed by the Camino de Santiago. The streets and squares of the old town are full of churches, monuments and original ramparts.
The festivities of San Fermin (beginning of July) welcome the five continents, dressed in red and white.
Pamplona is a city to visit: discover the treasures of its history, the Cathedral, Santa Maria, the Church of San Santurnino, stroll at the foot of the ancient walls, taste the famouspintxos of the bars of the St Nicolas street …
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Tourist visit of pamplona

During your stay at our campsite Ametza, many tourist places are not to be missed. Among the cities to visit, do not hesitate to head for Spain and more precisely Pamplona. This city of 200,000 inhabitants is steeped in history and contains many monuments to discover. In the city, you will find many religious buildings including: Santa Maria de Pamplona Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church, San-Saturnino Church.
Among the places not to be missed in the city, you can also cross the Plaza del Castillo or visit the walls of the citadel.
In order to discover all the cultural and historical richness of this city, do not hesitate to visit the Museum of Navarre. This city has an exceptional architecture and offers you very pleasant strolls in the heart of the old city. If you leave at the beginning of July, you will have the chance to enjoy the Saint-Firmin celebrations where large bull races are organised. Very lively, Pamplona is a typical Spanish city where you can enjoy the country’s culture and its gastronomic riches. For a day during your stay in the Basque Country, don’t hesitate to visit Pamplona!

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